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Roof Cleaning & Repairs

Roof Cleaning

- Roof Moss Removal : Carried out using a variety of methods depending on tile strength and condition. Gently scraping the moss from the roof allows the water to pass easily preventing tile water absorption. We also don't shy from recommending chemicals which prevent organic growth from coming back.

- Pressure Washing : Although we offer this service, we recommend that most people steer away from this and opt for the 'Roof Moss Removal' option. However, if we deem your roof tiles to be strong enough to be pressure washed, we will offer this service.


Roof Repairs & Services

- Tile Replacement

- Ridge Re-Pointing

- New Ridge Line Installation (dry ridge & tradditional)

- Dry Verge Installation & Repairs (to exisiting systems)

- Tile Batton Replacements

- Solar Panel Cleaning


Health Check

When you get us our to clean your roof, we always do a roof check for your peace of mind. You will be notified of the condition of your roof when we're cleaning, and if there are any areas to keep an eye on.


Drone Surveillance

Find out more about our Drone Surveillance in the tab, or follow the button below.

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