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About Us



About Us

A truly challenging business to be in, but through hard work and reliability since day one, we're able to support our community doing what we love every day. Whether it is roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing or even window cleaning, just give us a call and we can get your property sparkling again. Based in West Lothian, covering the whole Central Belt, and surrounding areas.


Servicing both, residential and commercial clients, our commercial experience has opened a whole world of opportunity for us which we are delighted to bring to our residential clients, while still keeping the high standards.

Green Cleaning Policy

In an effort to limit damage to the environment, we have a strict policy of only using chemicals when absolutely necessary. If it can be cleaned with low pressure or by hand then we take pride in spending a longer time or doing harder work to get the job done safely to avoid damaging anything organic on your property.  Our roof cleaning method involves one chemical which is the use of a strong biocide, this helps kill off any remaining spores after the roof has been cleaned and prevents the re-growth of moss for a longer time.

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